Shooting Truffle Eugene: When the Ingredients Cost More than Your Camera

Henri Hollis - Truffle Eugene Menu Detail

Capturing an Ambitious Tasting Experience at Restaurant Eugene

A great pleasure of working with Restaurant Eugene as a photographer is witnessing the creativity and skill deployed so consistently in the kitchen. The full depth of those qualities was on display recently when Executive Chef Chris Edwards presented Truffle Eugene, an ambitious week-long menu featuring black Perigord and white Alba truffles. There was a tasting menu that involved seven courses, each jam-packed with both types of truffles. There were also several a la carte menu items featuring truffles, and truffles could be added to many dishes for a surcharge.  I had the opportunity to photograph the raw ingredients and the full tasting menu, which was spectacular. Continue reading “Shooting Truffle Eugene: When the Ingredients Cost More than Your Camera”

Shooting the AJC Dining Guide

In case you hadn’t heard, I’m freelancing full time now. In an extremely unusual (for me) turn of fate, my timing happened to be perfect. As I stepped out on my own in late September, the AJC was planning its Fall Dining Guide, which has just now been published. I reached out to the editors to let them know that I would be much more available for photoshoots, and they had a TON of assignments to dole out for this Autumn 2017 edition of the AJC Dining Guide.

Continue reading “Shooting the AJC Dining Guide”