2017 in Review: Favorite Images of the Year

Henri Hollis - Bottle Shop

2017 – what a year of highs and lows. I got married, which is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And even though I’ve changed jobs plenty of times, becoming my own boss was a huge leap; I’ve never been more excited or terrified about my career. Those major life events made up for plenty of stress and uncertainty in the past year, feelings that I know were pretty common across the country.

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Shockingly Cheap Macrophotography

Most photography tips that you’ll find online are incredibly basic and cliche, even if they are important – the rule of thirds, “zoom with your feet,” etc. But last week I stumbled upon a tip that actually blew my mind: with some extremely cheap aftermarket accessories, you can reverse your camera’s included kit lens and use it for macrophotography (i.e., full-sized photos of tiny objects). Macrophotgraphy is one of those nerdy, gear-centric side interests for photographers, so of course it has always interested me. Equally as predictable: macro lenses are expensive, even more so when you consider that they have such a specific single use. Continue reading “Shockingly Cheap Macrophotography”

A Near-Disaster My First Time Flying a Drone

This will go down as my first-ever drone photo taken only using hand gestures. It’s so bad.

At my day job, we have lots of photography toys. My boss Mark is an excellent photographer in his own right, and he loves gadgets and gear (something we have in common). Recently, he signed up to receive one of the first DJI Spark drones in Atlanta – which was awesome in every way. Continue reading “A Near-Disaster My First Time Flying a Drone”